Retouching portraits
for monuments


Pictures for engraving machine | art models for granite

drawing and retouching of Eyes and Eyebrows

Eyes and Eyebrows

The eyes are drawn according to individual technology, but very accurately and in accordance with the source. Eyebrows look natural.

Drawing and Retouch of hair on human portrait


Drawing hair is a retoucher's handiwork that requires artistic experience and practice. We keep the naturalness of the hairstyle.

retouch contours of the nose


Professional underlining of the contours of the nose (its wings and nostrils), volume along the length due to shadows. We can change if you need.

Mustache and chin on face

Mustache and chin

Original accurate drawing of the mustache, underlining the chin line, penumbra and highlight on the mental fossa, correction of the double chin.

Guiding of the lips on the portrait


Guiding the contours of the lips. We keep the volume of the lips with shadow transitions. We can cover our mouth or draw a smile to a person.

processing of the ears on the picture


We draw the ears as naturally as possible, emphasize the contours, show the auricle, earlobes, correct the shape of the ear if necessary

Our works

Each portrait retouched by us is a contribution of technical knowledge, artistic skills and many years of experience of retouchers. We process photos of any complexity for engraving machines:

Our achievements

Our online retouching center has been operating for more than 9 years. Over the years of work, we have developed a wide base of customers from 24 countries. Tens of thousands of works performed by us and many reviews speak for themselves.

9 years of experience
12 countries
86 regular customers
15867 processed portraits


The estimate of the cost of graphic processing of each portrait depends on the quality of the original photo. Also, the price may depend on the complexity of the work and its quantity. The table below shows the average prices for retouching depending on the quality of the source



Good quality portraits

  • Photo up to the chest
  • Without changes
  • Change of clothes

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Medium quality source

  • Chest or waist
  • Slight changes
  • Damage recovery
  • Defect removal
  • Facial features correction

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Poor photo quality

  • Facial restoration
  • Bad photos to the chest or to the waist
  • Full height (normal quality)
  • Significant changes
  • Replacement, selection of landscape
  • Drawing in detail
  • Full-size retouching
  • Design of complete layouts

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We are engaged in the manufacture of monuments in Ukraine. We have been cooperating with Retysher for over 5 years. Portraits on stone after retouching are perfect.

KorGran, Korostyshev

You are the best we have ever worked with. Thank you very much for the quality of your work, responsiveness and understanding. It's a pleasure to work with professionals in their field!

Naturstein Valentin

We ordered photo editing for our grandparents. From poor quality, the guys made very beautiful portraits, while the similarity of the face remained at 100%. Thank you very much for your work!

Individual order, Dnipro

Our company with retoucher Anatoly have been partners for 7 years. We set up our engraving machine for retouching, we make a portrait in two passes - the face on the stone turns out to be voluminous, as if it were handmade. The quality is very good, you can feel the hand of the artist.

Tel Aviv, Israel

I would like to thank you for all the years of our cooperation. For being patient with us and fulfilling the wishes of each of our clients. Thank you so much for retouching people in full growth. All our employees are very grateful to you.

CruciMarmorGranit, Romania

Once again I am convinced that a good engraving machine is not all that is needed for high-quality engraving on granite. Thanks to your retouching, I have increased the number of clients at times. In order to draw a portrait on a stone, people now turn to us even from other cities, and this means a lot. Thank you!

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Thank you for your work! We will order more. We have just opened after a long Quarantine, but the photo processing that you sent us in the examples is simply the highest class! We are glad that we found you, we will certainly continue cooperation with you as soon as the first orders are received :)

Kishinev, Moldova

Good job my friends! You make amazing works, I'd never have believed that this is possible, but you make amazing quality portraits from damaged photos.

Chicago, USA

I worked with many retouchers before working with you. I can say that your prices for retouching are slightly higher, BUT - it's worth it! I engrave on Sauno in one pass, manually clean up literally half an hour and the portrait is simply gorgeous. Everyone comes to our exhibition of monuments and simply admires your work. Thank you, I wish you many customers, you are doing a good deed, and most importantly - with high quality!

Tallinn, Estonia

Technical information

For the convenience of our cooperation and in order to avoid a lot of questions, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic requirements for scanning, sending and paying for photos, and other useful information: